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Upcoming Shows at
The Playhouse Theatre

Tuesday 9th - Saturday 13th 

April 2024


Butterflies Are Free
by Leonard Gershe

Our first production of Butterflies Are Free, was nearly ten years ago. This is such a delightful, poignant comedy, and so successful with our audiences, we thought we should include it again in this season's programme. The original cast of four will be returning to the stage to recreate this visit to 'Flower Power America'. 

Hopeful musician Don Baker has left his overbearing mother to live on his own for the very first time. Delighted to find Jill, his new neighbour, is happy to unlock the connecting door between their apartments, he foresees a future exceeding all his greatest dreams.

The Playhouse Theatre presents
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Friday 10th May 2024


Sandy Smith - A Night of the Stars

We welcome back Sandy Smith, who last year performed Cilla and the Swinging 60s. It sold out then, don't miss this return visit!

A stylish celebration of music from some of the most legendary Artistes of all time. From Shirley Bassey, Barbara Streisand & Adele, right up to Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Abba,  Queen and many more, each track is handpicked to ‘wow ‘and entertain you.

Starring the unforgettable voice of former West End Singer and as seen on ITV, Sandy Smith, who some of you will have already seen in the sell-out show of Cilla & The Swinging 60s.  This show will take you on a journey through the decades including many of the greatest songs   ever recorded such as “Diamonds are Forever” ‘I’m Alive’, Somewhere, and Skyfall, to name just a few!


The Playhouse Theatre hosts

Tuesday 28th May - Saturday 1st 

June 2024


Bouncers by John Godber

Hitting our stage in May, we are very excited to present our long awaited production of Bouncers by John Godber. This brilliant comedy was first performed at Edinburgh Festival in 1977.

Hilarious, vulgar, frenetic, and highly physical. Bouncers is an international sensation, gathering awards around the world and becoming one the most performed plays across the UK. Bouncers is eye-wateringly funny, celebratory, and as relevant today as it ever was.

The Playhouse Theatre presents
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Tuesday 16th - Saturday 20th

July 2024


The Deep Blue Sea 
by Terence Rattigan

Closing out our 2023/24 season, is Terence Rattigan's devastating Masterpiece, The Deep Blue Sea.

Inspired, in part, by a secret relationship shared between Rattigan and another man, The Deep Blue Sea is a powerful account of lives blighted by love - or lack of it. The play opens with the failed suicide of Hester Collyer, who has deserted her husband for the charms of an ex-fighter pilot. 

The Playhouse Theatre presents
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