Car Parking


The Playhouse is in a largely residential area, with a mixture of residents-only parking and public, on-street parking places. You can generally find a place, but please ensure it is not resident or time restricted. Please show consideration for local residents when parking.

Alternatively, there are car parks within easy walking distance that are either free or with a fixed fee in the evenings (dependant on the day of the week).

Why not try:

St Michaels (multi-storey): NN1 3HR - 8 minutes walk via Overstone Road.

Campbell Square (surface): NN1 3EL - 11 minutes walk via Earl Street.

Market Street (behind The Spread Eagle, Wellingborough Road): NN1 4BX - 8 minutes walk via Artizan Road and Talbot Road.

Also although not a designated car park, there is usually space at the Racecourse (Pavilion): NN1 4LG - 7 minutes walk along Kettering Road.