The Playhouse Theatre Northampton Membership

The Playhouse Theatre Northampton offers four forms of a yearly membership.

Temporary membership of £5 which is required to be involved for one of our shows, either on stage or behind the scenes. This membership does not entitle you to a vote at our annual general meeting.

Active membership of £20 offers a ticket discount on each show, supports our theatre and covers any number of appearances or involvement in our productions for one year.

Gold membership of £50 per person includes a ticket to each of our six in-house productions and seat pre-booking.

In 2018 we launched our Platinum membership, there are two levels for this, Ten Years for £500 or Twenty Years for £1,000. This entitles you to a ticket for all Playhouse Theatre productions and any Playhouse ​Extra’s as well and the option to have your name

mentioned in every programme (optional).

Finally, If you are interested in becoming a member, please ask at the box office while at the theatre, or click below to email for more details.