this amateur production of
WET HOUSE by Paddy Campbell

will be held on WEDNESDAY 13 November from 7.30pm

Performance nights Tuesday 4 - 8 February 2020

Director: Esther Poulus

CHARACTERS: Female 2 Male 4

Mike: Male, 40-50. Hostel worker.
Andy: Male, early twenties. Hostel worker.
Helen: Female, 40-50. If possible northeastern accent. Hostel worker.
Dinger: Male, 45+. Resident. Northeastern accent.
Kerry: Female, 20-30. Resident, pregnant.
Spencer: Male, 30+. Resident.

When Andy, an idealistic young graduate, gets a job in a wet house, a homeless hostel where residents can drink alcohol, he is plunged into a twilight world where the rules about what is right and what is normal have become a little blurred. And that's just among the other staff. Based on his own first-hand experience working in a wet house, Paddy Campbell's award-winning debut full length play asks who will look after the people that no one else will look after?

All actors need to be comfortable and able to act drunk and use frequent strong language.
The characters of Andy, Spencer, Helen and Kerry have scenes of adult content that actors may wish to request details of in advance. This specific information is available by emailing or director Esther Poulus on

Also for any further information on characters please email or contact Esther Poulus. Audition pieces will be available here soon.

Rehearsals will take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Sunday (afternoon/evening to be arranged), starting from Sunday 15th December for one week, and then resume in the new year.

This amateur production is presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.

If cast, actors are required to become members of the Playhouse Theatre for insurance purposes. This is available at a yearly rate of £20, or £5 for a single play.

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